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Promotional Koozies are versatile items that can do more than just keep drinks cool – they can contribute to patient engagement, community outreach, and brand visibility. Whether as new patient gifts or distribution at conferences and events, a custom Koozie is a promotional item that can be reused over and over again.

Product Description

Built from thick polyurethane foam*, our Koozie comes in a spectrum of colors to perfectly align with your organization’s visual identity. Our silk screen printing technique ensures your logo, website, phone number, or any promotional information stands out with clarity and precision. Choose from classic white or bold black for the imprint color.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum font size: 9pt san serif | Minimum line weight: 1pt

*This item is made from cutting materials from a pattern. As a result, each individual item will vary slightly in appearance where the pattern shifts placement

Production Turnaround

Printing: 5-7 business days

Shipping: 2-4 business days

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